Back Deng Xiaoyan’s Image and Narrative, 2005

Deng Jianjin’s interests in paintings are always far more than his concerns of reality. Most of his early works relate to eroticism, peep and narcissism. Behind the romantic eroticism ofThe Dream Records of WitnessandWhy Does Sunset Make Us So Beautiful,we still can see the violence and the hidden bloodiness. In the works from 2004 to 2005, in the lazy, depressed, irritable and uneasy emotions, the treatment of figures and time-space got new significance. However, the metaphor of neo-expressionism became the monologue-like means of his psychological pouring out, using today’s popular colors and images and striving to make them getting rid of the “plane” narrative logic. The decorative, refined and soft lines and the “pure figures” have emerged in his painting, which indicates the artist’s calm state towards painting.


------ From Deng Xiaoyan’sImage and Narrative, 2005